Expensive Tastes: The Cupcake Worth More Than an Exotic Car Rental

There is a cupcake in the UAE with a $27,000 USD price tag and a lifespan of 15 minutes! It is definitely hard to swallow the thought of a measly cupcake worth about 30 exotic rental car trips! Sorry UAE…but I would much rather rent every car at Imagine Lifestyles for a month than swallow one bling-emblazoned cupcake!

Golden Phoenix cupcake

The Golden Phoenix. Seriously?

New South Beach Hotspot: Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge is Back!

The iconic Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge will reopen after 6 years on December 10th, 2011! The former celebrity haunt will reopen its luxurious doors thanks to popular demand, which has to be a comfort to owners Jack and Lucia Penrod. This is an upscale dining tip not to be missed...unless you really hate orange. 

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

Pearl Restaurant & Champagne Lounge Miami

John DeLucie to Head Restaurant at the Revamped Marlin Hotel South Beach

The Marlin Hotel in South Beach will have the talents of chef John DeLucie on-hand to tempt the taste buds of patrons following an extensive renovation. Best known for his New York City eatery, The Lion, DeLucie’s offerings are celebrity magnets, which will certainly pair well with a South Beach locale!

John DeLucie

John DeLucie

Dark Dining Miami Style—Have You Been Blindfolded?

Chef Adrianne Calvo is a highly regarded culinary artist in the Miami Beach food & wine scene, and is continuing her popular ‘Dark Dining’ series in Miami this month. You can experience sensory deprivation and overload simultaneously at her Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Dark Dining Miami

Dark dining in Miami

Gansevoort Miami Upcoming Events and What to Drive!

It is summer in Miami, and it is hot! People in the north stay inside during the brutal cold months of winter, and those in Miami prefer to stay inside during the scorching months of summer…but it can be boring! If the heat is simply too much at the beach right now, here are a few things to do in South Beach to cool down, get out and unwind during the coming months, thanks to Gansevoort luxury hotel!

Lamborghini rental Miami

Lamborghini rental Miami

5 South Beach Must-Try Restaurants

There are a plethora of dining options in Miami’s South Beach, offering international options and various levels of sophistication.  Some restaurants are low key and you may simply stroll up to from the beach, and some beg for a bit more luxurious finesse, such as an exotic sports car rental Miami ...and actual clothing over your bikini...unless you happen to be Courtney Love.

These 5 South Beach restaurants can be dressed-up or casual, but know that Miami casual maintains a different definition than other parts of the country!  Miami casual is what some consider business casual, yet sexier items are acceptable for all occasions.

5.  The Café @ Books & Books
4.  AltaMare
3.  Sardinia Ristorante
2.  Macaluso’s Italian Cuisine
1.  The Royal @ the Raleigh Hotel

Black bean hummus sandwich at Books & Books Sobe

Black bean hummus sandwich at Books & Books Sobe

How About Spending $400 for a Night Out…

You’re planning a night out and you want to impress your date. You know she’s expecting you to take her to a restaurant, but you don’t want this to be an average date--you want to take her some place extraordinary. This place has to include award-winning cuisine, beautiful décor and the best service in the city. Is there such a place?

Alinea Decor

The 6 Best Places to Dine at Disney World

If you are planning a fun trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the following list of places to dine may be of great assistance!  These upscale dining tips come directly from a member of Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals.  No matter where you opt to stay and what you decide to do in Disney, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the culinary genius at the following establishments:
1. Epcot: Bistro de Paris

2. Epcot: Les Chefs de France

3. Japan: Teppan Edo

4. Downtown Disney: Fulton’s Crab house

5. Downtown Disney: Kobe

6. Magic Kingdom: Cinderella’s Royal Table 

1. Bistro de Paris in Epcot theme park takes an inventive approach to traditional French cuisine and offers a focused wine list for the big kids.  It is located just above #2, Les Chefs de France, allowing the two establishments to share the talents of a trio of French chefs!

Bistro de Paris Disney

Bistro de Paris Disney

Pricier than an Exotic Car Rental: The Top Ten Most Expensive Foods on Earth

The following culinary creations wield price tags worthy of a luxury car rental or ownership of an exotic vehicle!  While many of these items do sound delicious, keep in mind that the brief interval spent with them is not likely to linger like the thrill of an exotic car rental!   

Here are the top 10 most expensive foods, in ascending order:

1.  Matsutake Mushrooms--$1000 per pound due to rarity

Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

Top 3 Luxury Hotels to Stay at When Visiting Disney World and Prefer a Disney Resort

That is correct!  When it comes to a true Disney vacation, there is no better way to stay than in a Disney resort hotel.  A member of the Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals team recently experienced a luxurious Disney vacation with their children, and returned with much to report! 

The top 3 Disney hotels are (in no particular order):

1. Disney Contemporary Resort

2. Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

3. Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge

Contemporary Hotel Disney Monorail