The Lamborghini Logo

Long ago, in 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in Italy.  His zodiac sign was Taurus the bull, hence the logo for the empire this young man would create.  From an early age he was fixated with engines, and during WWII found himself on the island of Rhodes in the army.  As there was not much going on in the way of war, young Ferruccio became a master of his craft-fixing engines.

Top 10 Funniest Places to See a Lamborghini

A lamborghini spotting only comes around once in awhile depending on where you live.  In Miami and LA you may see one or 2 in a day or week but in the rest of the country they are much like seeing a lunar eclipse. What is more rare than a brand new 2010 Lamborghini LP-560-4 white but a Lamborghini spotted as some unusual spots around town?   Check out the pictures below and see how some Lamborghini owners roll in their high-priced wheels.

Unique Sports Car Concept, The BRB Evolution Super Car

Want the best of the best when it comes to luxury cars, but worried about fitting it into tight spaces?  Meet the BRB Evolution supercar, a concept sports car designed to be different.  It may look like a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but give it a chance. BRB Evolution Supercar Concept

The BRB Evolution was designed by 22-year old British engineer Daniel Bailey, and the fresh approach is certainly welcome.  This is a luxury concept car that has the capacity to fold itself in half lengthwise in order to fit into tight parking spaces.  Don’t worry, it manages to dazzle on the aesthetics end as well!

Benetti Launches Superyacht “Inspiration” at 154 Feet

Benetti 154' Superyacht ImaginationIn the exclusively diminutive world of luxury yachts, superyachts always make the front page.  In recent news, the 2010 superyacht ‘Imagination’ has been launched by the Italian company Benetti Yachts.

Measuring 154’20”, this superyacht makes waves, and generates inspiration.  Designed by Stefano Natucci, with interior design by Francois Zuretti, superyacht Inspiration dazzles on a grand scale.

Luxury News: Scott Rothstein’s Luxury Cars & Yachts Hit the Auction Block

For those of you who have been following the case of Florida attorney Scott Rothstein’s ponzi scheme, the latest is the auction that will be held to sell his fleet of luxury cars and yachts.  Might I mention that the inventory is quite shocking, in fact, it is jaw-dropping.

Picasso Painting Sells for $106 Million-Painted in One Day

One anonymous phone bidder’s passion for Picasso set them back a staggering $106 million, in about 9 minutes flat.  The auction took place at Christie’s in New York, and the Picasso piece was the sought-after oil painting, “Nu au Plateau de Sculpteur” (Nude Green Leaves and Bust).

This hefty sum ($106,482,500 to be precise), takes the new record for highest price paid for a piece of art.  The previous record was set back in February, at Sotheby’s in London, when Giacometti’s “Walking ManPicasso Nude Green Leaves and Bust Oil Painting I” went for an astounding $104.3 million.  Rumors are circulating that the very same reclusive billionaire art collector purchased both pieces. 

Expensive does not even begin to describe this hobby!  Hey, for the price of those two paintings, this art collector could have purchased a brand-spanking new fire red Ferrari F430 Spider, and likely gotten more enjoyment out of it.  They could have invested in a number of luxury and exotic cars for that sum, like a Lamborghini Gallardo, or Aston Martin Vantage…well, everyone has their passion I suppose.

The prestigious Picasso painting measures an unobtrusive 5 feet by 4 feet, depicting one of his many mistresses, Marie-Therese Walter in a reclined position and nude.  Picasso himself is said to be in the background.  The piece was painted in 1932, in just one day, and is considered to represent a turning point for the famed artist.

It is unknown if any other artist has brought in that much money on a piece that consumed only one day of their time.  I would consider that a good day’s work.  I am curious if the piece will now go back into hiding, or if the new owner (whoever it is) will be sharing it with others.  It really is a remarkable piece, and I feel it should be shared, yet for the price the new owner paid for it, they are free to do whatever they please with it.

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The Most Expensive Bugatti-$40 Million?

1936 Bugatti 57SC AtlanticIs it me, or do luxury cars and antique luxury cars keep getting more expensive?  Exotic and luxury cars represent a market that consistently surprises, like with the recent sale of a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, for a staggering $30-$40 million. 

While the auction house and broker, Gooding & Company is mum on the matter, reports place the transaction for the antique Bugatti between $30-$40 million.   I am searching the Rolodex in my brain for a car that has sold for more.  If reports are accurate, this buries the previous record of the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa last year.