Certified Pre-Loved Luxury Cars Catapult Into Popularity

CPO Maserati

Behold the emerging popularity and magic of certified pre-owned (CPO) luxury vehicles, appearing in budget driveways everywhere.  This is a win-win for both luxury car manufacturers and eager certified pre-owners, bringing the previously impossible to afford exotics to a wider audience.  Not interested in the high cost of maintaining a luxury car?  Just indulge in the occasional exotic car rental Miami from Imagine Lifestyles.

2011 A Record Year For Luxury Car Sales?

Is The Luxury Car Market Back?

The last few years have been nothing to sing about for luxury-car markers as the economy slowly ate away at their sales figures and demand.  2011 has barely begun and luxury automakers all have smiles on their faces when they read the sales forecasts for this year.  Luxury-car makers are gearing up for record sales figures both in the first quarter of 2011 and the year as a whole. We wonder if the luxury rental car market also has seen a record year.

Lamborghini Dealership

What Would You Do in a Luxury Rental Car Philadelphia?

Philadelphia Luxury Rental Cars

If you plan to do-it-up a bit for your next trip to the east coast, a luxury rental car Philadelphia is a great start!  Philadelphia is home to approximately 1.54 million people, which indicates that it is brimming with things to do and people to see…so why not focus on being seen as well, perhaps behind the wheel of a sleek Maserati rental Philadelphia?

Wealthy Chinese Women Swiping Exotic Cars Like Credit Cards

Chinese Women Buy Luxury Cars

The exotic car and luxury car market is thriving in China and India, as the number of wealthy individuals continues to grow and they continue to invest in luxury vehicles and exotic car rentals.  But did you know that a disproportionate number of exotic car purchases China are made by women?  Yes, it seems Chinese women are swiping up some of the best supercars and exotic cars on the market faster than they swipe their credit cards!

Maserati SUV Featuring Ferrari Power Plant

Maserati SUV Ferrari Power Plant 2011

Ferrari’s power plants are highly sought after and heavily utilized by Formula One racing teams like Ferrari, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.  The brand also puts out some of the world’s leading luxury cars and exotic rental cars regularly.  While none of that is surprising, it seems we may be on the brink of a luxury Maserati SUV sporting a Ferrari powerplant.  Mind=Blown, hats off to Maranello once again. 

Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Screwups of 2010

Looking back on 2010, one thing is for certain-some of our favorite celebrities can stand some improvement for 2011!  I smell behavioral-based New Year’s resolutions for the following senseless stars, judging by their quality antics:

•    Jay Leno
•    Jesse James
•    Mel Gibson
•    Charlie Sheen
•    Kanye West

Jay Leno

Jay Leno.  It seems that NBC should stand for “Now Boys, C’mon”, as late-night talk show hosts Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien have been duking it out over time slots for the better part of…who cares!  Jay Leno, aside from an understandable love for exotic cars, also has a commitment issue, and O’Brien has a whining issue.  In a nutshell, Leno took NBC up on its offer to move him to the 10 p.m. slot, thus fulfilling his 5-year-old promise to O’Brien to give him “The Tonight Show” at 11:35 p.m.  The arrangement left both parties hemorrhaging viewers, and the aftermath left them lacking class.  At least Jay Leno loves Cougars!

Maserati For Under $10K

New Maserati for $9,513

If someone offered you a brand new Maserati for under $10,000 you would have to jump at the opportunity regardless of what car you currently drive right?  So you are probably thinking that this may be a Maserati rental car. What about $10,000 for a Maserati but instead of an engine, it comes with two wheels, two pedals, and a very small, uncomfortable seat?  Meet the Maserati Veloce, a stunning mix of class and elegance and a whole lot of carbon fiber. 

Maserati Veloce

IL Luxury Rentals Chicago Announces a New Showroom

Imagine Lifestyles Chicago Announces A New Home   

After an extremely successful first summer open for business in Chicago, Imagine Lifestyles is proud to announce a new showroom and warehouse opening soon in Lincoln Park.  It seems all the pretty ladies, ie. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley would prefer to sleep comfortably next to each other, and we have no problem with that at all.  The new space will be conveniently located right off of 90/94 providing our clients and new customers with easy access to the new showroom and is a perfect way to view our fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars.