The Luxury Lifestyle Continues to Thrive

The past two years has seen a revival of the luxury market, once seemingly on hold. The economic downturn has not necessarily affected the wealthy, yet they did alter spending habits for a few months to avoid appearing boastful. Lately, however, the luxury lifestyle is back, shameless and cutting edge!

Global sales of luxury goods hit an amazing $254 billion in 2011, and it seems Chinese women buy luxury cars the fastest, shelling out cash for Maserati’s and other top-of-the-line automobiles.

China luxury car market

The China luxury car market is fueled by females, too

Cashmere & Gold, Anyone? Ferrari Launches New Customization Program!

Ferrari is getting quite fancy, unleashing a flashy new customization program that allows clients to drape their sports cars in far more than just fine leathers! With this privilege obviously comes a price, but if you have a quarter million plus to drop on a Ferrari, you want it to be decked out your way!

Just please…use this service with discretion…there is no need for anymore ugly cars like these horrid exclusive Mercedes customizations! (Follow link to behold).

Custom Ferrari 599

The sky is the this custom Ferrari 599

Rolls-Royce Launches Ghost Sedan Variant in India

Like other luxury carmakers, Rolls Royce has been busy rolling up its sleeves in efforts to rake in a slice of the lucrative market in India. Recently the brand has introduced a new Ghost sedan variant in India to meet the growing demand for its luxury sedans. The Ghost variant is not very different from its cousin, which you can drive anytime, just follow link to view our own Rolls Royce Ghost rental to see photos and specs for the vehicle.

India represents Asia’s 3rd largest luxury car market, and the special Rolls Royce Ghost variant will cost consumers $620,865 USD. This version is powered by a 6.6-liter petrol engine with an extended wheelbase. I assume the extra wheelbase is intended to absorb some of the shock from the Indian roadways…they look like they have been pelted by a meteor shower when there is asphalt available!

Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost

Porsche Design Touts Techy Johnnie Walker-Themed Luxury Bar

For all the Johnnie Walker Blue Label lovers out there, things just got a whole lot smoother! Porsche Design House has created a private bar for the elite drinkers of the high-end scotch, for just $150,000. You can almost own a Porsche for that price, or you can buy the bar and a Porsche rental…though you may require a chauffeur if you spend too much time at it!

Porsche Designs Johnnie Walker Luxury Bar

Porsche Designs Johnnie Walker Luxury Bar

Mercedes Benz Fragrance: That New Man Smell

Prominent perfumer Olivier Cresp has concocted and bottled that new car scent for Mercedes! Ok, so it is more like that new man scent, with the first publicly available Mercedes-Benz fragrance for men.

It even comes in a masculine bottle to make you feel even more dashing and James Bondish…all you need to get the full effect is that Mercedes rental you have been eyeing…though Bond would opt for an Aston Martin rental. Minor details.

Mercedes-Benz Fragrances

Smell like a man...

Renting the Life: The Shocking Affordability of Luxury Rental Cars

If you have ever fantasized about driving one of the world’s best supercars, like a Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari 458 Italia, only to snap back to reality, I have some luxury rental special tips just for you! You do not have to have the bank account to match when you rent the lifestyle, with an exotic car, yacht charter or luxury property.

Miami Lamborghini Gallardo rental

Miami Lamborghini Gallardo rental

Most Popular Luxury Sedan Rental: Mercedes S550

Recently, Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals polled clients from all of our locations, as well as our connections at other luxury rental companies to learn which were the most popular vehicles. In the luxury sedan rental segment, the Mercedes S550 emerged on top! This is no surprise, as it offers all the classic appeal of the brand blended seamlessly with a decidedly modern and upscale appeal.

Mercedes S550 Rental

Miami Mercedes S550 rental

A Hand-Held Lamborghini…Mobile Phone!

Tonino Lamborghini has already bestowed some lavish Lamborghini accessories upon us, including cigar lighters & cutters, exclusive coffeemakers, and golf carts. Now you can hold the brand in your hand via the new Lamborghini mobile phone! Every googly-eyed iPhone addict will be jealous, and it pairs well with any Lamborghini rental!

Torini Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone

Torini Lamborghini Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone